Maria Rodés (1986) introduction into music went really fast: 2009 she released her first album with the band Oniric Sin técnica (Cydonia 2009) and then she quickly started her solo career with the albums Una forma de hablar (Bcore, 2010) and Sueño Triangular (Bcore, 2012). In 2013 she collaborated with Ramón Rodriguez (The new Raemon) and Martí Sales (Surfing Sirles) in the album Convergencia I Unio (Bcore 2013) and also worked in various projects with artists like Raul Fernandez (Refree), Coque Malla, Espaldamaceta or Animic among others.

In 2014 this restless artist released Maria canta copla (2014, Chesapik) a beautiful selection of popular Spanish songs presented in a unique personal way. Maria Rodes sets iconic copla songs like Ay pena, penita, pena, El dia que nací yo, Tres puñales or Tengo miedo into a new context with subtle arrangements, a simple instrumentation and delicate vocals, flying away from dramatization. With her unique style she brings back this classical genre to the young generations and surprises established lovers of copla.

In March 2015 her first book was published: Duermevela – Los sueños de Maria Rodes. (Alpha Decay)

Maria Rodés is now preparing new songs for her new album in order to release Fall 2015 or Spring 2016.